Badwater 135 2023 IS COMING

Last year, I applied and I didn’t get a slot this year, so instead of being sad I managed to go as a crew and get some experience for this beautiful race. You can read about my experience here.

In the last months, I spent hours researching how to prepare in the best possible way and I started my preparation in November to have 9 months of preparation instead of 6. Of course, I don’t know if I will get a slot for this year but I assumed that this preparation won’t be wasted.

I think the most important factor to finish this race is to be ready for extreme heat, so I found at Badwater University tips from Badwater Veterans and they say to get a sauna up to 8 weeks before the race. So I took their tips and applied myself to get more prepared for this race. I extended these 8 weeks to 9 months for the sauna. Thanks to that, up to today, I tested different things needed for the official race like eating in high temperatures. For people liking reading researches, here is long but good one:

I’m very optimistic about this year’s selection because this year there will be 70 rookies and 35 veterans selected and I’m aiming to get one of these rookie slots 🙂

The application process opens 9th of January and closes 25th. If you’re thinking about applying check the official race for more details at Badwater website.

The selected runners will be announced on the 4th of February.