Badwater 135 is the hardest run in the world and takes place in Death Valley, California at around 50 degrees, this is the place they sometimes show on TV with temperature records. The whole distance is 135 miles or 217 km and it runs constantly on asphalt, which warms up only to about 75/80 degrees :). The run itself is considered the most difficult due to the combination of all these factors. And when you go to Death Valley, you’ll always have a certain warm weather for your vacation. If running was like a game it would be a final boss where you can only go back and do side quests after defeating him and do all other runs.

Last year I was in support, and this year I got a place as a runner and I will have the pleasure of running in such a unique place. It will be a pleasure because what could be better than running there? Here you can read more about my crew experience.

Admittedly, I assumed that the name would be slightly changed while reading, but if the name, age and country match, it’s definitely me 😉

There are 150 days between announcement and the race day. I have to spend each day preparing for this race.
I share some workouts and daily workouts on my Instagram and Facebook page if you want to see more details.

It’s time to start the road to hell!