New Year, New Me! Summary of January 2021

Nope, not in my case. A new year for me doesn’t change anything in running goals.

January is the most popular month to change something in life, I can say I did something new. I ran my first virtual race, it was Badwater267VR. Of course, it couldn’t be anything different. Interesting experience, it’s simple but not easy.

Distances in miles in January:
Number of runs: 31
Total distance: 292,38
Longest distance: 46,66
Shortest distance: 1,8
Average distance: 9,43

When I summed up all time I spent on the sport I realized in January I was working out part-time, around 20 hours per week. I need to run faster 🙂

In April, there will be Badwater267VR Elite, similar but more difficult to complete.