Registration For Badwater135 2021 Is Open

As you know, I’m a big fan of Badwater135 and my goal is to run this race and finish it.

Last year’s edition was canceled but it looks like this year’s edition is coming back.

There are minimal requirements to apply for this event, these requirements are related to previous races.

From Badwater webpage:

“Here are the 2021 Qualifying Standards, at least ONE of which must be met prior to applying for the 2021 Badwater 135:

  1. You have officially finished the Badwater 135 in the past four years AND have completed at least one 50-mile or longer ultra running event in the previous 24 months other than the Badwater 135.
  2. You have officially finished at least THREE running races of 100 continuous miles or longer, at least one of them in the previous 24 months. Exception: Officially finishing the 81-mile BADWATER SALTON SEA race “counts” as one 100-mile race for this qualifying purpose.
  3. You have officially finished the Brazil 135 in less than 48 hours in the past three years AND have completed at least one 50-mile or longer ultra running event in the previous 24 months.”

I’m going to fulfill the second one, with 3 running races, but I have only one and the rest I’m going to do in May this year.

But if you fulfill any of these 3 standards you can apply, and I encourage you to do this.

Besides running minimal requirements, you need to fulfill the whole application which is really important and this application decides if you receive a place or not, but without a minimal amount of races, you don’t have any chances.

You have time to apply until 5 PM Pacific Time on February 19, 2021.

If you’re wondering if you can travel to the US in the summer please watch Chirs Kostman’s video on Facebook related to the case. It’s not clear how the situation will be in the months.

No one knows what happened until July but it looks like the government in California wants to start organizing events because it’s quite a huge amount of money.

Yes, it’s risky to plan the journey to the USA if you don’t live there but there isn’t any different option right now.

To read more information about Badwater135, check the event’s website.

If you’re going to apply this year and want to share your experience, please let me know in the comments or via email at