Summary Of 2020 And Future Plans

I was wondering if I should write a summary of December or a summary of 2020. I decided to write both in one place.

December Summary

December was a month when I did some kind of deload. Every half of the year, I take a week or two when I don’t workout hard. It’s mostly during Christmas and somewhere during summer. For 2021, I’m planning to do it every 3-4 months.

Total distance (in miles): 116,44
Longest distance: 9,08
Shortest distance: 1,83
Average distance: 3,75

2020 summary

So 2020 was quite intense for my running journey. In April, I managed to run a marathon in the garden, it was when everyone was running at home or in the garden. It was challenging because I ran a few hundred loops around the home. I think I’m lucky because I had this opportunity to do it.

A few weeks later, at the beginning of May, I ran Wings For Life and I did 37 kilometers. If I kept the pace I would be able to improve my marathon personal record from 3:19 to 3:15. The event was virtual. 

Later, in summary, I felt I was in good shape and I wanted to do some 100 miles run, but I couldn’t find any 100 miles close to me. I found 130 miles run instead, so I did it. It took me around 43 hours to complete it and it was my longest race and the first one for Badwater 135, you can run more here.

Meanwhile, since September, I set a new goal, to run every day. I was inspired by some video on the internet where some man was running for 30 or so years in a row (or 50 years? I don’t remember exactly). So, I decided to run every day for one year. 4 months are done already.

At the end of 2019, I sum up all my runs from that year and I realized that I didn’t run much in that year, around 700 miles, so I set a goal for 2020 to run 2020 kilometers. I can say that in 2020 I did around 2200 km, it’s more and the original goal was. For 2021 there needs to be a bigger goal.

2020 In Numbers:

– Total distance: 1392,39 miles – 1392,39 / 1262,5 done
– 130 miles run done (1st 100 race for Badwater135) – 1/3 done, two more races needed
– 4 months, in consequence, runs – 4/12 done, 8 more months left
– Marathon in the garden – done

Plan for 2021:

The goal is simple, be able to apply to Badwater135. I need 2 more races to be able to apply. I’d like to apply for 2022, so I need to finish at least two 100 miles races.

However, this year, there will be 12 Badwaters135, each month there will be Badwater135 for 10 people but people from 2020 have higher priority and I don’t have races yet. 

-January, I’m going to run Badwater 267 VR
-April, there is Badwater 267 VR Elite, it’s a harder version of the previous one
-June, I’m signed up for 100 Miles of Beskid Wyspowy in Poland
-A week later, there is Wings For Life and I’d love to run it again. This year I did 37 km,
-Also in June, there is 170 km during Ultra Trail Małopolska, the race is similar to UTMB, for this I’m also signed up. 

I also think about Ultrabalaton but it depends on how life will look.